Trailer maintenance

Posted by Doug on 3/4/2012
I rented a garage space and started on the brakes and wheel bearings.  

What I thought was going to be a simple brake inspection and wheel bearing repack ended up being a complete brake rebuild.  I suspected the brakes had problems because I had to set the brake controller on the  BMT (BMT = "Big Man Truck") to 7.5 to get much braking action on the trip home.  I figured the brakes just needed cleaned and adjusted.

When I took the third brake drum off, I saw the reason why the brakes didn't work well.  This one was full of wheel bearing grease!!  EEEWWW!!!!!

I needed a spare tire and wheel... I have no idea why the previous owner didn't have one considering all the traveling he does.  He travels so much, that he replaced the tires after 3 years of ownership.

I asked for a steel wheel at the tire shop, and this is what I got:

Hmmmm.... that new wheel sure looks nice, so a week later I bought three more.   The tires were in OK condition, but the front ones had more wear on them than the rear tires, so I decided to replace the tires too.

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 Trailer maintenance
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