Road trip to Salt Lake City, UT

Posted by Doug on 8/15/2011
45 minutes in to the trip I stopped for fuel.  I didn't leave the shop with a full tank.  I stopped at the Safeway store in Enumclaw, WA, which is a typical stop for fuel and snacks when I travel.

The non functional fuel gauge in the Jeep added a little paranoia factor for the first day of travel.  Since I don't daily drive the Jeep, nor take road trips with it, I didn't have a good feel for the typical fuel range on road trips.  The fuel gauge hasn't worked for a few months.

Since I don't daily drive the Jeep, I had completely forgotten that the fuel gauge was malfunctioning. OOPS!!  Too late now, I already had my mind made up to drive the Jeep.

The sun was setting behind me.

Here's a view of the cockpit:

Garmin 276c GPS on the left, ScanGauge II rubber banded to the visor, overhead mounted CB, radar detector rubber banded to the dash cam's tripod head.

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 Road trip to Salt Lake City, UT

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