New trailer arrives!

Posted by Doug on 2/29/2012
After careful thought, I decided a bigger trailer was needed. I placed an order for a 7x16, then started over thinking the needs and usage of a trailer. Eventually I decided a BIGGER one than what was on order was necessary. I found a really nice 2008 8.5' x 20' Haulmark Edge Race series trailer and made 800+ mile road trip to get it.

The night before departure, I retrieved the tow-beast from the storage facility and fueled it up.

Typical Pacific Northwest weather, RAIN.

DPF REGEN required!!

I stopped for the night and got a "room with a view"....

The next day was sunny, not a cloud in the sky...

This was my first view of the trailer, out the passenger side back window of my truck as I backed in to position to hitch up.

First view

This is going to be a perfect trailer for Overland Expo 2012!!

The owner gave me a brief overview of the features, we exchanged money and paperwork, then I was on the way home.

Even in the dark it looks nice!!

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